Soulstreet Brunch is back! as requested.... with restrictions being lifted we thought what better time to throw another Soulstreet brunch series. where dancing, singing and coming together is permitted. It's time to come together through he power of music and a fantastic atmosphere.

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The Garden Party - Soultown’s Sister Brand

The Garden Party was created as a second arena at the Soultown Festival but has fast grown into one of the biggest brands in London. Hosting nights at the world famous Studio 338, Sugahut Essex, Shankly hotel Liverpool and POW Brixton amongst others, alongside our famous Live Streams which reached the living rooms of thousands!

A night of sing-a-long classic house inflused with elements of Soul make this brand unique. Our artists on rotation include:

Tony Richardson MBE / Rob Crouch / Jesse James / Lee Ward / Lewis Wright / 
Nino Violin / Josh Arise / JWalks / Jack Bullock / Rosie Judge / Jimmy London /
CJ  Sax / Guy D’Angelo / Pete James 

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Soultown On Board Party

27th May 2022 – 3:00pm till late

Tony R MBE / Rob crouch / Nino Violin / Jamie Walker

Soultown and Unique GP join forces to bring you the ultimate Monaco Grand Prix weekend experience, including our track side, on board yacht party which includes:
• Champagne reception
• Free flowing beer, wine, spirits, and soft drinks throughout the day and into the evening
• Canapés
• Unique personnel on-board all day
• Souvenir Lanyards & Exclusive Unique Caps

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If you booked any tickets in November please contact the venue for a refund.

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